a good "ugly" cry

Today, I am grateful for my agitations.  When I am irritated by something, especially when I react defensively, it's usually because there is a truth there I haven't yet faced or accepted.  Sometimes it's because I'm tired or hungry, but most of the time it's because I wake up to the fact that I'm looking in a mirror and I don't like something I see.  

I am learning to pause before allowing my mind to run into the hole of self worthlessness.  If I can stop, just for a moment, before the brain worms of insecurity take over, I can see clearly.  When I accomplish this, I recognize the fear under my frustration and see the pain I have been hiding. 

I delighted in a good "ugly" cry on my yoga mat.  I flushed out some energy that was previously stuck and stagnant.  I let go of something I had been gripping.  Now, I can feel the emptiness.  I created space and that feels pretty awesome. 

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