"when you like a flower you pluck it, when you love a flower you water it daily"

Today, I am grateful for miracles. Big and small these magical moments are happening each and every day.  Our higher power, Source, angels and guides are constantly working to support us in this wild adventure of life, and when I am present, I get the awesome experience of witnessing their work in action. 

I am learning that obstacles are just detours in the right direction.  This is what it means to go with the flow.  To pause when we meet resistance.  To accept that as much as we want to go this way, if we encounter a roadblock, we are likely meant to take a different route. 

I accomplished accepting a compliment from a stranger and allowing the actions of another human to be.  They are where they are in their journey and it does neither of us any good for me to judge them.   

I delighted in visiting my favorite used bookstore, in taking the long way home, and in watching my dog run free through a eucalyptus grove. 

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