clinging to the past

Today, I am grateful for my intuition.  My intuition is my superpower.  We all have a superpower; I am thankful to know mine. 

I am learning how to self-soothe.  I have intense emotions.  Excitement or worry can unground me which kicks in a belief (a fear) that I am not safe or that I am not enough.  My response to this fear is to seek out external validation, approval from others.  When I can stop and center myself, I remember all I need is deep within me. 

I accomplished redirecting my mind when it began ruminating on the past.  When I allow my mind to fixate on recreating things that have already been, I remain stuck in old patterns, and I close myself off to the blessing of the present and the future. 

I delighted in a great conversation with one of my team members, a walk with the dog, my morning meditation, in "coming home" to a clean house, and in a delicious home cooked meal. 

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