just be you

Today, I am grateful for my pain.  I accept that pain and suffering are natural and that the feelings that arise because of my pain are temporary.  My pain only becomes overwhelming when I latch on to it.  I benefit greatly when my pain helps me pay attention, when it brings me back to reality, to the here and now.  My pain gives me clarity. 

I am learning to behave in ways that align with MY morals and MY values.  I am letting go of the idea that I have to change to be accepted, that I have to adjust who I am to be loved.  I am learning to just be myself. 

I accomplished sleeping in and making it to my mat.  When I trust in the Universe and let go of the belief that I have to plan or control to make things happen, it all just works out.  I wake up naturally at just the right time to make my class.  I accomplished not trying so hard. 

I delighted in splurging at the used bookstore, building a fire, and snuggling up in my big chair with a cup of tea and a book new to me. 

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