"put down what you are carrying"

Today, I am grateful for my deepening connection to Source.  Because of this relationship, I know I don't have to carry the weight of the world.  After many years of struggling, I finally put that heavy load down.  Now, I invest in this connection each and every day by giving thanks to my angels and guides. And, by asking them to take my worries, my fears, my frustrations, my judgements, my pain.  Believing in a "higher power," believing in something greater than myself, really believing, gives me the space to let that shit go. 

I am learning how to focus on me.  Not in a selfish way but in a self-aware way.  In a way that redirects my judgements of others, reminds me to greet everything that comes into my path with compassion, to choose happiness, and to trust in possibilities. 

I accomplished observing anxious feelings.  The more I notice my feelings and thoughts, the better I get at watching them come and go without attaching to them.  I always loved the expression "see your thoughts like clouds, and your mind like the sky."  But, it wasn't until recently that I experienced it and then, I understood it.  

I delighted in an afternoon walk with the dog, a homemade meal with people I love, and taking the long way home, 💙

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