"start by forgiving yourself, you're worth it"

Today, I am grateful for my journey to self-forgiveness, my journey to self-love, my journey to peace.  I am genuinely enjoying the process: the ascents and descents, the passions and aspirations, the five star hotels and rat motels, the light and the shadow, the pain and the joy. 

I am learning how to pace myself, how to give myself permission to pause, and how to allow myself to be a work in progress. 

I accomplished preparing a few things for work without feeling anxious or attaching to the outcome.  I am discerning myself from my work and that's a big shift for me. 

I delighted in mentoring a friend who is new to her leadership position and (like all great leaders I know) looking to build her leadership toolbox.  Leadership is a skill that requires development.  Anyone can learn how to be a great leader, they just have to be willing to continually invest in getting better. 

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