You are a rainbow

Today, I am grateful for new days and new possibilities.  It's been a struggle recently.  What carries me through is knowing this is temporary.  Each moment, each breath, each day brings new possibilities and smoother roads ahead.  All I have to do is trust and let go.  The water doesn't resist the rocks, it bends gracefully so it can move with everything in its path with ease. 

I am learning when I become unbalanced, all I need is to go back to nature.  A simple walk or resting my bare feet on the earth can bring instant peace and grounds me back in the present moment.  My being is incredibly responsive to the positive energy our planet emits. 

I accomplished sitting quietly on a bench for a moment.  I reflected and in watching the water and people pass by I experienced a moment of pure reverence for the uniqueness and beauty of every being, every thing.  I broke out in tears.  In part because I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of magic in this life, also because I was releasing a piece of my past that I've been clinging to for a long time. 

I delighted in watching a squirrel jump from a fence and land gracefully in a tree, in the laughter of strangers, and in a shower after a full day. 

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