it's time to break free

Today, I am grateful for my freedom.  Not just my external freedoms which are plenty, and the people (including me) that have fought for them, but the freedom I am finding within. 

I am learning true friends aren’t afraid to break through the bullshit.  They don’t ask “how are you?” And stop there, they lean in and ask, “how’s your mental health.”  We should do this with more people in this world. Open our hearts and be honest about where we are physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let your people know you love them.  And if you’re reading this, I love you. You matter.  

I accomplished cancelling plans I didn’t have the energy to follow through with.  I would not have been fully present and that’s not kind to anyone involved.  Be kind to self and to others.  Above all else, be kind. 

I delighted in a Netflix and chill day, a day of quiet contemplation.  

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