Let grief happen

Today, I am grateful for a workplace that supports me.  Someone I love is in the process of leaving their human form and I am supported not only by my friends and family but also by my team, my coworkers, and my boss.  They are holding space for me to grieve, that’s a pretty awesome thing. 

I am learning how to acknowledge my fears and how to feel all the feelings.  Grief is a heavy experience and one I avoided often.  I was afraid of grief.  I was scared it would consume me.  It won't.  Like everything it too is temporary.  The big learning for me was that the weight of our grief increases the longer we carry it.  And it's not just something we experience with death.  Recognize the weight, scream in agony, cry in desperation, laugh uncontrollably...let it be what it needs to be for you, let the grief happen.   

I accomplished taking care of me.  I put myself first today, and I did it without guilt or shame.  That's a big shift for me. 

I delighted in smiling when I saw two squirrels feverishly chase each other around a tree. 

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