see a different side of you

Today, I am grateful for a job that supports my wellness. I am blessed to work somewhere where I can be me, I can put myself and my family first AND I can work hard to deliver results for the company. We can have both, don't settle for less.  

I am learning how to pause before I speak to ask myself, "is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?" Words matter and we have the opportunity to demonstrate more compassion toward ourselves and others if we can take a moment before we respond. 

I accomplished reporting damage to my property. In the past, I have actively avoided confrontation like this even if I knew I deserved compensation. Today, without shame, guilt or anger, I simply picked up the phone and asked for what I needed. 

I delighted in catching up with my mom, in showing off my new house to a friend, in listening to my dog snore, and in seeing a little chipmunk scurry around the yard. 

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