emotional health day

Today, I am grateful for the courage to do what I need to do to take care of myself. I woke up and a wave of grief fell over me, instead of brushing it away and working through it, I took an emotional health day. I gave myself the space to feel the feelings so I can move through the emotions that come with the loss of loved ones.  

I am learning how to set healthy boundaries and to remember it's not my responsibility to take care of my parents' emotional wellbeing. Without over explaining or justifying my needs, I spoke my truth to my dad today, honestly, and simply. 

I accomplished giving myself the space to cry and grieve the loss of my dear friend Gary. I lost two Garys I loved this year, one was taken too soon, and one lived far longer than expected. That's the funny thing about life, you really never know when it's going to end. 

I delighted in sleeping in, in treating myself to some much-deserved self-care, and in Facetime with a soul sister painting her new house. 

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