own your power

Today, I am grateful to have people in my life I trust wholly and completely. My soul sisters are women I can be vulnerable with, who encourage me to be my best self, and who I trust to act on my behalf when I can't because...they...know...ME. 

I am learning how to own my power and stand in my truth. Power doesn't have to be aggressive. It's something we all have and when we own our power, we create and maintain healthy, happier relationships. 

I accomplished being direct and honest with people above me in the organizational hierarchy. This is something I would not have done before. I would have let them treat me like a doormat, wiping their feet and leaving me covered in shit. Not today, today, they served me the ball and I hit it right back. 

I delighted in seeing the sliver of the moon and the reflection of the sunrise in the river. 

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