time to move on

Today, I am grateful for ceremony. It's important to take time and make a concentrated space around the milestones in my journey. Rituals help me release the past and make room for the future, they help me grow. 

I am learning how to recognize when the best path forward is to "give it up to the Universe." There are moments where I feel afraid, those are the times where my ego or inner child desperately seek control. My past experiences have embedded a traumatic response, but I am out of the trauma zone. Now, it is up to me to be conscious of my reactions and redirect my energy from trying to "fix it," to asking the Universe for help, and trusting she's got my back. 

I accomplished breaking free from a spiritual contract. This shift will allow me to release ancestral karma and past programming. 

I delighted in journaling, in witnessing the classroom dynamic shift for the better when we rearranged the physical orientation of our students, and in a fire ritual. 

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