be the courageous lion

Today, I am grateful for an outlook on life that allows me to trust that everything will work out. Life packed some punches this week, most of which would have paralyzed me, or sent me into a fear spiral. But, this week, I didn't allow worry to overwhelm me. I am in a place where I believe I am protected, and that the Universe has my back, so I am able to view these "challenges" as intentional opportunities. 

I am learning how to stop “carrying other people's bags of shit.” I'm breaking free from my martyr programming. 

I accomplished asking the contractor working under my house to place some crystals for me. I am rebuilding the foundation of my home my way, with my energy, and my intentions. 

I delighted in getting called out on my martyr behaviors, in chatting with a friendly woman while waiting for my dinner, and in listening to music while walking the dog on a bright and sunny day. 

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