being human is hard

Today, I am grateful to be in a place where I accept the “bad” days. Being human is hard. It helps to have people around you that you can connect with, lean on, love. Choose your family, only you can decide who you invite into your light. 

I am learning how to recognize where a thought or emotion lands in my body. This helps me better understand what I may be holding in different parts of my physical being and encourages me to ask myself if I'm willing to let it go. 

I accomplished getting out of bed and facing the day. It's important to celebrate the little wins. 

I delighted in a stranger at the market giving me grace by holding my place so I could run back down an aisle instead of having to wait in the long line again, in connecting with a member of my chosen family who loves me and who I love completely, and in ending a "shitty" day in a great way.  

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