make space for reprogramming

Today, I am grateful for the people who teach me new techniques that support my reprogramming and for my willingness to integrate these new tools. 

I am learning how to pull my energetic field back in. I have lived with the belief that I needed to be on watch for the bad thing that was destined to come. To help me with this I would expand my aura far beyond my physical form so I could feel something arriving. The challenge with this is something rarely came (and by that, I mean never) that required this level of heightened security and instead I wound up drained of energy, ungrounded, and off center. 

I accomplished having real conversations with my new team members. I moved through the fear, stood in my authenticity, and empathetically pushed them to be better. 

I delighted in waking up to a snow-covered landscape, in exchanging texts with friends, and in a new idea for my next adventure forming. 

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