gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with kids.  They remind me to stay present, to stay playful, to approach the little things with wonder, and to celebrate everything. 

I am learning how to self-soothe when my core attachment is triggered.  This empowers me to move from a place of inner peace and truth instead of allowing a need that can never be met to color my thoughts and control my actions. 

I accomplished remaining calm when I was running late and sending a message to a friend without attachment to their response. 

I delighted in an afternoon with my bestie, in being treated to a yummy lunch and helping her pick out an awesome new bike, in making "bubble art" with the kids, in working one-on-one with an autistic girl, in witnessing her joy and receiving the sweetest hug from her when we finished her project, and in a good cry. 


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