investigate your mystery

Today, I am grateful for the courage to do the things that scare me. 

I am learning how to pause before each response, particularly when in a format that socially demands a faster comeback like phone or text.  This gives me the time I need to understand my motivation and the space to recognize patterns. Today, it helped me see how in the past I jumped to explain myself in an attempt to force understanding on the other person.  I did this because my core attachment was driving my behaviors and convincing my mind that feeling heard would satisfy my need to know I deserve to be loved.  

I accomplished releasing expectations of a conversation and the person I was set to have it with.  I accomplished releasing the past and enjoying the simple pleasure of the moment. 

I delighted in a snowy walk with the Poebear, in feeling strong when engaging with someone who used to make me feel powerless, in feeling genuinely ready to move forward, and in laughing with my dad. 

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