positive relationship with our bodies

Today, I am grateful for the awareness, power, and courage to shift my beliefs. In the past, I believed the more attractive my body the more people would like, respect, value, and most importantly love me. Now, I am creating a loving relationship with my body. 

I am learning that by judging other people's bodies, I have been reinforcing the idea that our bodies equate to our worth as human beings, and they don't.  

I accomplished acknowledging that my core attachment of needing to know I deserve to be loved is triggered when it comes to the idea of sharing my body sexually.  Recognizing this connection is the first step in releasing it. 

I delighted in a rainy walk with the Poebear, in discovering new tools to help me lead a more peaceful life, in a good cry, and in delicious home-cooked pork chops with butternut squash and pears. 

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