"dancing in the dawn of the unknown"

Today, I am grateful for the deep relationships in my life.  The ones that are born from a place of compassion, where together we face the hard things head on, and unconditionally love one another.  To recognize and receive these gifts is a truly magnificent thing. 

I am learning how to live a life that fulfills my soul.

I accomplished observing my people-pleasing programmed response without acting on it and acknowledging that there is still opportunity for me to work on this with the people whose opinions matter most to me, the people I love.  

I delighted in singing with a wonderful group of women, in great conversations with friends I love, and in the celebrating how the universe provides me with everything I need.  My doctor asked me to track my blood pressure for the next week and moments after my appointment I met up with a friend who loaned me a sweet digital blood pressure monitor that will make this process easy and free. 

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