what if it turns out better than you ever expected?

Today, I am grateful for the surge of forward momentum I’m experiencing, my open heart welcomes the influx of positive energy and hope. 

I am learning how just a taste of intimacy can trigger my core attachment.  In the past my need to know I deserved to be loved was intermittently and unpredictable met so when I got a taste I immediately wanted more.  Now, I am learning to cherish the moment, to celebrate the good and release it to Source, trusting that more good will come in its time. 

I accomplished breathing when I encountered minor obstacles.  In the past, any challenge was met with force, manipulation, gripping, and a desire to control the outcome.  Today, I am able to return to the calm within and trust a clear path will present itself when the time is right. 

I delighted in waking up to words I needed to hear, in re-reading my therapy journals, in being gifted a ticket to a concert at an awesome venue, and in a yummy restorative yoga practice. 

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