"sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place"

Today, I am grateful for my positive mindset which gives me the ability to deal with shitty situations. 

I am learning how to stand in my power, speak my truth, and to choose to objectively observe the energies of others instead of engaging with them. 

I accomplished recognizing when my allergy to criticism was triggered, when the opinion of another began to color my response and negatively impact my self-worth, and I accomplished stopping that narrative. Someone can only attack my character if I allow them, the people around you are only as powerful as you let them be. 

I delighted in being available to be of service to a friend in need, in an affirming conversation with my advisor, in witnessing a beautiful falcon with a talon full of prey, and in getting out of self with a truly awesome little human on a backyard adventure to Mars. 

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