unwavering faith

Today, I am grateful for my person.  She is an angel in human form, a remarkable being, a wise and beautiful woman.  She loves me unconditionally, and accepts me wholly just as I am, whether I am feeling awesome and enlightened or broken and unworthy. 

I am learning that I am grieving the loss of someone again like it's the first time, that I have been addicted to abandonment and shame, and that I have people I can trust to help me work through this next level on the spiral staircase of life. 

I accomplished being with grief, not wallowing in it, not running from it, just allowing it to be.  And, I asked for what I needed even when it made me feel "needy." 

I delighted in watching a butterfly land on my windowsill, in witnessing a family of deer walking across my lawn, in the clarity that comes from doing the work, in a great conversation with my co-traveler, in receiving flowers and a beautiful card, and in the moment when I realized I am handling a situation better than my old self would. 

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