bright spots

Today, I am grateful for the bright spots.  For the email I got from my spiritual advisor after crying to the Universe for help, for the news of a potential location for my business after meditating on what the space will feel like, and for the words of wisdom I woke up to from my brilliant soul sister..."I don't feel the need to forcibly change anything at the moment. I feel the need to grow through the uncomfortable parts, to stay present, live in gratitude and keep doing life." 

I am learning how to not be afraid of the unknown. 

I accomplished quite a bit, I took a nice walk, gave the Poebear a bath, took a shower myself, meditated, sorted through inspiration images, read a legal agreement, searched location listings, and cooked a delicious dinner. 

I delighted in admiring my beautiful Christmas tree, in standing alone on a trail and crying out loud, and in a self-love meditation. 

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